Cutting Back on Your Power Usage During August

August is the highest energy usage month of the year. The outrageously hot temperatures have all of us running to the thermostat to keep cool, running to the freezer for frozen treats, and running ceiling and box fans in every room. But what happens when all of us are using that much electricity, it can put a strain on the electrical services that power cooperatives can deliver to you; not to mention run up your bill.

When we all think efficiently, we can all conserve energy and ease the strain of electrical usage. Here are some tips to keeping your bill down and be more energy efficient:

  1. Use heat generating appliances at night. With the kids being home during the summer months, you may be tempted to bake or cook treats. But if you use the oven or stove at night, you don’t put as much of a strain on your air conditioning system. The temperatures outside cool down at night and the air conditioning system isn’t working overtime to keep your home cool. Waiting for sundown to use the oven or stove will allow your air conditioning to run with a little bit less load.
  2. Get a blast for the past with your Crock Pot. Very few items in your home heat up quite like an oven. But slow cookers use less energy and don’t heat up the home like an oven. The crock pot is more efficient because the space is smaller.
  3. Wash laundry with cold water. We know that some clothing items have temperature requirements for washing. But, for those items that don’t carry those requirements, try using a cooler temperature. This way, your hot water heater isn’t being used as much. Some sources even say that you can save up to $150 per year using this trick.
  4. Don’t run laundry unless you have a full load. Sometimes we forget that shirt we were going to wear for work tomorrow.  Sometimes we just don’t want to look at laundry in the hamper. But, consider waiting until you have a full load of laundry before washing anything. Families often will bundle all the members laundry together and run those. Running a washer and dryer use the same amount of electricity and put the same strain on usage regardless if they have one item or filled.
  5. Unplug the chargers. We all have mobile devices that sit on chargers overnight. But consider this, chargers, even when not charging your phone, use electricity. So, even when your phone, tablet, laptop, or video game is away from the wall outlet, the charger plugged in will slowly drain electricity from your home.
  6. Don’t turn down the thermostat for quicker cooling. If you leave your air conditioner off for any reason, don’t set the temperature lower than your usual setting. Contrary to some popular belief, it doesn’t cool your home faster; it just puts a strain on the air conditioner. The harder that air system is working, the bigger strain you’re putting on your electrical bill.
  7. Replace your air filters this month. Speaking of the air conditioner, you need to consider changing the air filters in your home. New air filters allow for more clean air to flow through your air conditioning system.

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