Beware of scammers targeting Northcentral members

Northcentral Electric has learned that a person has knocked on a member’s door identifying himself as an employee of the electric company and stating he needed to come inside the home and check a few things out. The man had no credentials or identification. The customer let the scammer inside the home and he walked through each room commenting on several items in the home. Thankfully, he left without hurting the customer or taking anything. It is not known if he was casing the house for something specific to take then or come back at a later time.

Northcentral Electric NEVER needs inside your home or business. Our employees will not ask to enter your home. Our job stops at your meter.

If anyone comes to your door identifying him/herself as a Northcentral Electric or electric company employee and wanting to come inside, DO NOT let them in. Call your local law enforcement and report this immediately. You are always encouraged to call the Northcentral office at 1-800-325-8925 if you question whether someone is from Northcentral or not. Our employees carry identification at all times on the job and Northcentral vehicles are identified as such too.

Scammers have also contacted residential customers, as well as business owners, asking for credit card information or banking information so their electricity won’t be cut off. Northcentral Electric employees never contact customers asking for personal information or payment. If anyone ever contacts you wanting personal information, especially monetary, DO NOT give it to them. Immediately call your local law enforcement and report it. Again, you can call Northcentral anytime to verify employees or vehicles on the job.

Northcentral Electric has several contractors working in different areas of our service area. Contract crews will never need to come inside your home. Northcentral has contracted with Sooner Meter to randomly test residential meters. Sooner vans and personnel are identified as Northcentral contractors. A Sooner employee does knock on the door to let the customer know he will be pulling their meter, checking it, and putting it back in service so their lights will be off for a few minutes. He will never ask to come inside.

The same goes for Northcentral employees, whether they are collecting, locating services or working on the line. They may knock on a door to notify the resident of work, but will never ask to come inside. No employee will ask for payment, carry cash, or accept money in the field.

Unfortunately, scammers are always coming up with a new way to prey upon honest folks. No Northcentral employee or contractor will ever mind if you call our office to verify their presence. Northcentral Electric customer service can be reached at 1-800-325-8925.

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